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Saturday, November 03, 2007

How to open .docx files easily without Office 2007

As you might know - Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a new file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.docx). But unfortunately this format is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word(like Office 2003 / Word XP) or with alternative operating systems like Linux or Mac OS X. Nor is it compatible with other word processing applications like OpenOffice, Lotus 123, or NeoOffice.

Below are some easy solutions on how you can still open your docx files in other systems and also easily convert it to previous versions of Word.

  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack and it'll be able to detect the docx file format and help you convert it to .doc file format.
  • Use the Online Solution found here to convert your docx to be used in other formats too.