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Friday, November 24, 2006

New Palette Selection tool from Adobe

Adobe has launched a New Palette Selection tool called kuler.
Doesn't seem very promising though. Anyways, give it a try and see if you can find any use.
My personal favorite Palette Selection tool will be Daily Color Scheme.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to configure HUAWEI SmartAX MT841 for BSNL Broadband on Fedora6

This is the step by step prodcedure on how to configure BSNL Type IV (MT841) modem for autodial and wireless setup.

First do not insert the WLAN card in to your modem. connect it with supplied LAN cabel or via usb.

Go to your computer eathernet connection setup and change the ip of your eathernet card to the following.

IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

Now in you browser window open up the configuration screen of MT841
in the left side you see the wizard from basic drop down list select connections. Left side you see PVC0 to PVC6 now you only need to change the value of PVC0 to dial up the connection automatically with PPPoE setup. but some how you can not edit the connection of PVC0 by clicking the note icon on the configuration screen. it only let you change the settings for wich the PVC is created and let you delete it. so you need to delete all the PVC in the list. Stat from PVC6 press notes icon and delete.

Do the same process for PVC6 to PVC2 and PVC0 do not delete PVC1 untill you create new PVC.

now press the new button and create new PVC specify following parametere in the PVC

WAN Type : PPPoE
VPI/VCI : 0/35
Encapsulation : LLC
Default Route : Enable
User Name : <Your User Name>
Password : <your password >
use DNS : Enable

now click on apply. It will show new PVC and it display it as PVC1 now delete PVC0 from the list and start create remaining PVC for your connection by pressing new.

All PVC shoud have following property.

Wan Type : Bridge
Encapsulatino : LLC

and for VPI/VCI follo this steps

PVC1 : 8 /35
PVC2 : 0 /100
PVC3 : 0 /32
PVC4 : 8 /81
PVC5 : 8 / 32
PVC6 : 14 / 24

now you have created all the PVC's with you dialer configured at PVC1

go to advanced select Firewall and select enable.
go to DNS selct Ebable and put following value in the dns

Primary DNS :
Secondry DNS :

save your change and reboot the router.

After reboot you should be automatically connect to the internet without dialing PPPoE dialer from the computer. now turn off the router and connect the WLAN Card to the router and disconnect the LAN cabel from the modem and computer. after you see the WLAN light on in the router stat your WIFI connection from computer or modem to search for availabe network and you will be connected to the net.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


People don’t fail, they give up ! " 

                                                                                   Swami Vivekananda

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How to install Windows Media Player 11(WMP 11) without any WGA(Windows Genuine Advantage) checks

After the overwhelming response I got for my previous two posts:

  1. How to install Internet Explorer 7(IE 7) without any WGA checks and
  2. Avoid WGA checks to install New Microsoft Software (using MS Tool Orca)

I got a lot of mails asking for any similar way to install the cool new Windows Media Player 11 without any WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) checks and here's the perfectly working solution.

Once you double-click the executable that you downloaded it asks for a WGA check and will not continue the installation until it was checked for Windows Genuine Advantage.

I have done some research and here is a way that makes it possible to install the software by making a few changes to some registry settings. I found this trick online and it seems to be working fine for both the Media Player 11 installation and also for the Internet Explorer 7 installation.

All you need is the following registry file which you can download at this rather spammy website(mind you) called http://depositfiles.com/files/327845. Once executed you simply start the windows media player 11 for xp installation and it should go through passing the WGA check without problems.

Disclaimer: Suspicious users should check the registry file before they double-click it and make a backup of their registry.

How to create your own mp3 phone ringtones for free

Most of us love ringtones, especially new ones / unique ones that none of the people around have. Here's one cool method to get the ringtones on your own which ensures two things:

  • First, you do not have to pay for the ringtone. You probably have to pay for the CD instead or simply record the songs from internet radio instead. So, best case you pay nothing.
  • Second, you are free to create the ringtone from any mp3 file you have on your pc and you are free to take any 20 or so seconds from that mp3 file which makes it unique. All you need is the freeware Audacity and a method to connect the mobile phone to your computer / or send the file from your computer to your mobile phone.

Here’s where Audacity comes in. Using the free, open source, cross-platform sound editor, we’ll trim your MP3 down to the exact 20 seconds you want and add any effects as well.

  1. Download Audacity, install and fire it up.
  2. Audacity can’t edit MP3’s out of the box, it needs what’s called the LAME compression library first. Download the lame_enc.dll file here and put it somewhere permanent on your hard drive.
  3. From Audacity’s Edit menu, choose Preferences. On the File Formats tab, under “MP3 Export Setup,” hit the Find Library button and browse to the dll you just downloaded.
  4. Now the fun begins. Make a copy of your MP3 file and stow it in a temp folder somewhere other than where your music player will find it. Drag and drop it onto Audacity to open it. Using the Zoom and play buttons, find the 20 seconds of your song you want to be your ringtone. (It helps to zoom in so the time appears in 5 second increments.) Use the select tool to highlight the 20 second ring, and from the Edit menu, choose “Trim.” Now you’ve got your ringtone.
  5. If you’re feeling bold and creative, browse around Audacity’s editing tools, especially the Effect menu. I like to add a “Fade In” effect to the first 7 seconds of my tone so that it doesn’t blast full-volume right away, if I’m in a quieter place and I’ve forgotten to silence the ringer.
  6. When you’re done editing, from the File menu, choose “Export as MP3.” Save it as, say, ringtone.mp3.
  7. Now, transfer the tone to your phone, either by corded or Bluetooth connection to your computer, or by emailing it to your phone’s address.
  8. Once the file is on your phone, set it as your custom ringtone.

Isn't it cool?

SpringWidgets :: A cool new Widget engine for websites

Today I noticed a new Widget creation tool and thought of sharing it with all of you people.
It is called SpringWidgets launched by Fox Interactive Media. Although it is a proprietary widget platform that works on most websites as well as the desktop.

The Flash layouts were cool, so give it a try folks!!


"Always put yourself in the other's shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the person too." 

                                                                                 -    Anonymous

Monday, November 06, 2006


"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it." 

                                                                                 -    Dennis P. Kimbro